Photography performance started in Buenoas Aires in 2006 with only one person. Two years later, in Montréal, the challenge to reproduce this same concept with six more people has been achieved (and filmed as well). The idea is simple: "go", jump -to perform- in a cyclist position between two bicycle wheel rim laying on the floor. Here, it is how I have photographed "these cyclists" hanging from the air.

Here is the "making of" of this photographic project who took place in the middle of Montréal's traffic a beautifull day of autumn 2008.

With Catherine Proulx, Émilie Beaulieu-Guérette, Guillaume Martel-Lasalle,Guillaume Tremblay, Kristine Choinière, Malorie Flon, Noémie Delisle
Filmed by Charles Robert Giguère et Miguel Medina
Music: La Marmite Infernale, Quelques fières Mongols, Les Bampots.


This short film has been shown around the province of Québec in summer 2010 through the project Cyclope Tour .