Born in France, Chloé Charbonnier grew up in Montréal where she attended an Artistic Secondary School. She discovers traditional photography, a passion for ever, at the age of 16. This is her vital lead, always supported on her love for languages, travels and the willing to discover the world to meet people that she photographs. This is the way she reveals a part of their personality and sometimes of their private life.

During her period of studies in Political sciences at l’Université du Québec à Montréal, Chloé decides to go to Buenos Aires to follow a course in the photography school Escuela de fotografia creativa Andy Golstein. It is there where she produces her first exhibition “InBICIble Va, photography performance realized in the streets of Buenos Aires (Argentina 2006). Back in Montréal, she approaches narrative films realizing four short art movies, among those: Sans Cadre  (Mo ntréal 2008) filmed photography performance, then “Amoureux fragile” (Montréal, 2009) pixilation of wild contemporary poems display in the streets . While improving her artistic career, she continues her studies and she gets her BA in political science in 2009. Chloé leaves at that time to Manchester (UK)  where she gets a MA (Master studies) in Media Art, presenting the project “Photografitti”. While getting her MA, She works at a fashion and family photography studio.

Chloé Charbonnier finds her artistic inspiration among rage and poetry, her passions and anger. These feelings are her inspiration to expose a critical view of the reality through the objective of the camera.

©Oscar Ocelotl Aguirre

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